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The Valcer Dance Studio
since its establishment in 1990 is up and doing on the field of dance art. Dancing courses are being held and during these the talented ones are chosen to regard dance as a dominant hobby of their life and to get fame as competiton dancers.

The type of dances which can be chosen are:
  • Company dances according to the conventional dance schools
  • Latin-American and standard competition dances
  • Formational dances
  • Majorette

The Valcer Dance Studio is seated in Debrecen, which is the second largest city in Hungary, and the economic and cultural center of the eastern region. The city became the eastern center of tourism by means of its famous ancient monuments, and through Hortobágy and the famous thermal-bath town, Hajdúszoboszló, which both are quite close to Debrecen. Many young adults attend to the several colleges and universities of the city. This is the place where hundrends of independent non-governmental organizations are established, resulting a very bustling and varied social life. Art movement of the unprofessional is particularly significant, which helps all sorts of dances to become popular again.

Dance School
Courses are held from the middle of September till May, and are recommended for beginners. Classes are once a week on Saturday.
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Competition Dance
Conventionally, young dancers compete against each other on dance contests and according to their results they get rated into several classes. The central organisation of the competition dance movement is the Hungarian DanceSport Association in which the Valcer Dance Studio is also participating as a member. According to its number of members and its achievements our company can be regarded as one of the most outstanding clubs in Hungary.
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Formational Dances
Besides the contests, many opportunities are given to our dancers to show what they are capable of: ceremonies, balls, charity programs provide them about 120-150 performances a year. Formational dances performed by many couples are particularly popular at these events.
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The line-up of the majorettes is very diverse including for example marching dances accompanied by a brass band and show dances as well. Large scale coreographies performed by both majorettes and dancers are particularly successful at festivals and open-air events.
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