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Dance is refreshment, entertainment and in a point of view a phisical and mental recreation as well. The youth can move as much as they need to and anyone can take advantage of this great thing called dance.

„How beautiful an authentic ball is! Couples are sliding elegantly while the band is playing a mesmerizing waltzer.”

the couple dance classes of the Valcer Elementary Art School.

The Valcer Elementary Art School was established in 2001.
Children must be at least 6 years old to enroll, and they can attend to our school till finishing their elementary or secondary studies.
Classes are held either in the afternoons, evenings, or on Saturdays.
The following classes are being held at our school: preparatory: 1st and 2nd grade, elementary: from 1st to 6th grade, continuation course: 7th and 8th grade.
The training takes 2 hours a week at preparatory classes, and the children of the elementary class train twice a week, 4 hours altogether.

At the end of the school year our students are given a certificate, which entitles them to go on to the next grade. Those who are talented enough have the chance to shorten the length of their studies through taking the exams of two years at one time.

Orientating to the traditions of the dance studio we care a lot about not only helping the talented ones, but giving the chance to all our pupils to improve themselves. Formational dances provide the most effective way to raise public spirit.

Similar to western coutries, nowadays in Hungary everyone has the chance and the right to attend to an art shool to learn how to dance.

Places where courses are held:
  • Debrecen, Kossuth u. 1.
  • Nyíradony, Árpád u. 2.
  • Aradványpuszta, Iskola u. 1.
  • Derecske, Lengyel u. 1-5.
If your child would like to learn how to dance and you missed the oppurtunity long ago and want your child to make your dreams come true - it is the Valcer Elementary Art School you're looking for!

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